We strive to obtain the most economical fee for our customers while ensuring that our trees arrive as they left our farm. For estimating purposes, given normal circumstances, the fee is $1.75 @ mile, round trip with a minimum of $250. However, this fee is subject to change without notice and for unique special circumstances. We do welcome our customers to provide their our transportation.

For trees that we deliver, the industry standard for unloading is two hours. Therefore, in the event that it takes longer than two hours, a rate of $100 per hour will be added to the Delivery Fee.


When we ship our trees, they are properly covered to ensure that they arrive at their destination in the condition that they left our farm. However, for those customers whom arrange for their own transportation, we do not provide tree covering. Therefore, please remember to bring a tarpaulin or other suitable covering and ropes when you pick up your trees.

North Block Arial View of Three Pines Tree Farm

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