1. Payment Terms

Payment is required prior to loading of trees (pick-up) or prior to unloading (delivery.) If a third party is utilized for delivery, payment is required prior to loading.

If “credit” is desired, the following is required prior to purchase:

a. Copy of:

b. Completed:

After 30 days from purchase, interest will be applied at 1% per month for the unpaid balance.

2. Holding of Material

A 20% deposit is required in order for material to be held. Material will only be held for two weeks (without full payment,) four weeks (with full payment.)

3. Returned Check Policy

A fee of $50 will be charged for each returned check. After 2 weeks, additional cost to obtain payment will be added if the check is not made good.

4. Claims

Claims, for any reason, must be made within 24 hours of receipt. All errors in shipping must be noted on the bill of lading with each shipment.

5. Warranty

We follow established industry guidelines and practices for tree harvesting to ensure that our customers receive healthy trees. Furthermore, we have no control over the trees once they leave our farm. Therefore, we give no warranty, express or implied.

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